ID Label
AFCSURV Quarterly survey on the assessment of financing conditions
AFZ2010 Producer price indices
AMOLO Oustanding amount of linear bonds
BLS Bank lending survey
BLSCCO Bank lending survey: banks' perception
BOPBPM6 Balance of payments
BSICREDINS Main balance sheet items of the credit institutions, data on territorial basis
BSIMFI Main balance sheet items of the monetary financial institutions, data on territorial basis
BUSSURVH Biannual survey on investments
BUSSURVM Monthly business surveys
BUSSURVQ Quarterly survey on production capacity
CAPSTOCK2010 Capital Stock
CCCR Credits by type of beneficiary according to the Central Corporate Credit Register
CCR Central Corporate Credit Register
CGD Consolidated gross debt of general government
CGDCONS Consolidated gross debt of general government: consolidating elements
CGDHCM Breakdown of consolidated gross debt of general government
CGDS1312 Breakdown of communities and regions (S.1312)
CICR Consumer and mortgage credit according to the Central Individual Credit Register
COMEXT Foreign trade - overview
CONSN Consumer survey
CRECONSURV Results of the survey of the GDSEI on consumer credit
CREDINSCONS Credit institutions, consolidated data based on IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)
CREDINSCORP Credit institutions on corporate basis
CREDINSLOANDEP Loans and deposits, data on territorial basis
CREDNFC Credit granted to non-financial corporations (Consolidated balance sheet of credit institutions - Sheme A)
EMPLOY Employment
EMPLOYDETAIL Employment - annual detailed data
EUROSYS Consolidated weekly financial statement of the Eurosystem
EXR Reference exchange rates of the euro in national currency units
EXTDBPM6 Gross external debt of the Belgian economy with the exception of equity
EXTTRADEBECOM Foreign trade - Belgium - Community concept
EXTTRADEBENAT Foreign trade - Belgium - National concept
EXTTRADEBXNAT Foreign trade - Region of Brussels-Capital - National concept
EXTTRADEVLNAT Foreign trade - Flemish Region - National concept
EXTTRADEWLNAT Foreign trade - Walloon region - National concept
FAFFCL Flow of funds, claims and liabilities by sector
FAHHNFC Financial assets and liabilities of individuals and non-financial corporations
FINACC2010 Financial accounts of Belgium
FINGOV Financial government accounts
FISEC Fixed-interest securities of more than one year
FVC Financial Vehicle Corporations
GDP GDP growth - international comparison
HICP Inflation and harmonised consumer price index (HICP)
IIPBPM6 International Investment Position
INDPROD2010 Industrial production indices
INVDIR Foreign direct investments
IRESCB Monetary policy of the ESCB: main interest rates
IREURCUR Euro currencies - bidrates
IROLOBE2 Yield of Belgian loans on the secondary market
IROLOYLD Long term yield of the reference loans 11am
IRTRCERT Reference rates of treasury certificates issued by the Belgian state on the secondary market
ISSHARES Issues of shares
MCUCIIC Management companies of UCI and investment firms
MIR MFI interest rates (MIR)
MIRCCO MIR: Interest rates on new business
MONAGG Monetary aggregates
MORTGAGE Survey on the purpose of mortgage credits
NADET2008 Major components by branch and sector
NADETAIL Composition and identity of GDP
NADETP3 Final consumption of households by category of expenditure
NADETP51N Gross fixed capital formation by category of assets (AN12)
NASECDET2010 Annual detailed sector accounts
NASECDETQ Quarterly detailed sector accounts
NBBFIN Monthly financial statement of the National Bank of Belgium
NFGOV Non-financial account of the government - overview
NFGOVCOFOG Government spending by functions and transactions
NFGOVDETAIL Detailed government accounts
NFGOVFR Taxes and actual social contributions withholded to fund other sub-sectors
NFGOVISB Breakdown of paid social benefits
NFGOVQ Quarterly government account
NFGOVTSC Received taxes and actual social contributions by kind
NFQA Main indicators of the quarterly sector accounts
NFQADISPINC Total economy: income, saving and net lending/borrowing
NICP2013 Consumer price index
NICPHISTO Consumer price index - historica+B3l overview
NMUCI Non-monetary collective investment undertakings governed by Belgian law
POPULA Population
QNA Quarterly and annual aggregates
REGACA10 Regional accounts by A10 - NUTS 3
REGACA21 Regional accounts by A21 - NUTS 2
REGACA3 Regional accounts by A3 - NUTS 3
REGACA38 Regional accounts by A38 - NUTS 2
REGACA64 Regional accounts by A64 - NUTS 1
REGACSEC Regional accounts by institutional sector - NACE 2008
REGHHINC Regional household income accounts
REGPOP Average population
REGTRD Regional distribution of imports and exports - Global results
REGTRDA10 Regional distribution of imports and exports by A10 - NUTS 3
REGTRDA38 Regional distribution of imports and exports by A38 - NUTS 2
REGTRDA64 Regional distribution of imports and exports by A64 - NUTS 1
RESERVBPM6 Official reserve assets and other foreign currency assets (market value)
SHS Holdership of debt securities issued by the federal state
STOCCOM Stocks and commodities market
SUTAP21 Supply and use table - A21 X P21
SUTAP38 Supply and use table - A38 X P38
SUTAP64 Supply and use table - A64 X P64
TRCERT Issuing of treasury certificates
TREASDEBT Official debt and net financial balance of the Treasury
TREASREV Details of revenue collected by Treasury
UCIDEV Developments of UCI
UNEMPLOY Number of unemployed job-seekers
UNERATE Harmonised unemployment rate

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